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Self is the most daring and delightful novelist of his generation Guardian ________________________________Wills mothers hokey homily, Waste not, want not... hisses in his ears as he oscillates furiously on the spot, havering on the threshold between the bedroom and the dying one... all the while cradling the plastic leech of the syringe in the crook of his arm. Oscillating furiously, and, as hed presses the plunger home a touch more... and more, he hears it again and again: Waaaste nooot, waaant nooot..! whooshing into and out of him, while the blackness wells up at the periphery of his vision, and his hackneyed heart begins to beat out weirdly arrhythmic drum fills - even hitting the occasional rim-shot on his resonating rib cage. He waits, paralysed, acutely conscious, that were he simply to press his thumb right home, itll be a cartoonish death: Thats all folks! as the aperture screws shut forever.________________________________One of Britains most inspired writers offers a no-holds-barred tale of his fascinating life . . . Spectacular Kirkus



ISBN 9780670918621
AUTOR Will Self

Pamela Rendi-Wagner will Schulen ab Mai wieder öffnen, Hälfte der Tiroler Gemeinden frei von Corona. 21. April 2020, 07:57 Uhr, zuletzt aktualisiert am 21.

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