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More than half of us who struggle with anxiety do not get treatment. Why? Because we often feel embarrassed to be suffering, concerned about the stigma of asking for help, or anticipate that things will never get better. For those of you who ruminate about the past, feel stressed in the present, and worry about the future, this book will help you challenge your thinking, create new strategies, and connect with others so that you can live the life you want-and deserve.Deborah Grayson Riegel and Sophie Riegel share their unique perspective and personal stories as a mother and daughter who both have multiple anxiety disorders-and who are both thriving personally and professionally. It is their goal to give anyone struggling with anxiety a new and more hopeful approach to work, school, and life.



ISBN 9781947480827
AUTOR Deborah Grayson Riegel, Sophie Riegel
DATEINAME Overcoming Overthinking.pdf

It’s the same with overthinking. It’s extremely difficult to change your thoughts and control what you think of and how much, but it’s not impossible. See, I believe overthinking reflects our insecurities. I’m saying this because I realized this was happening to me. It wasn’t my insecurity towards people or …

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