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Hunter X Hunter, Vol. 2 PDF

by Yoshihiro Togashi Gon and his friends Leorio and Kurapika have more to worry about than just the Hunter Exam-their fellow applicants are deadly serious. Hisoka, the mad magician, nearly kills them in a mock test and Killua reveals that appearances can be deceiving. Then there are the tests, which prove to be as varied as they are difficult. The picky proctors of the second exam demand the applicants perform culinary feats of wonder, and it takes the intervention of the President of the Hunter Association Review Board to convince them to let anyone pass at all. The third exam tests the would-be Hunters speed and smarts as they race through a tower maze. Will an unexpected encounter end the exam for Gon and his friends? T+ Rating



ISBN 9781591167853
AUTOR Yoshihiro Togashi
DATEINAME Hunter X Hunter, Vol. 2.pdf

Hunter x Hunter - Vol. 2 - Film - BLURAY - Review - Filmkritik - Trailer - Bilder - Das Entertaiment Magazin - News, Reviews, Filmkritiken und Infos rund um DVD, Blu-Ray und Kino. Home Hunter X Hunter, Vol. 2: Artist Not … It turns out the Hunter Exam just becomes more brutal as time goes on. And "Hunter X Hunter, Vol. 2" sees our heroes to the end of the exam, but they have some chilling and sometimes shocking obstacles in their way before they can get their licenses.

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