Design of compact climbing robots for power plant inspection.pdf

Design of compact climbing robots for power plant inspection PDF

Power plants and similar facilities have to be inspected regularly for maintenance and security reasons. Automating this task by using compact climbing robots can not only decrease the total inspection time, but even allows for reaching areas that were inaccessible with conventional methods. The main contribution of this work is the description, analysis and discussion of more than 30 innovative obstacle-passing-mechanisms and vehicle structures that significantly increase the mobility of compact climbing robots. More than ten of them were developed in the context of this work and thus are described in more detail. In addition to these descriptions, these mechanisms are structured, classified and compared among each other and towards previous technologies. Finally, this work shows how these solutions can successfully be applied in real power plant applications.



ISBN 9783838127705
AUTOR Wolfgang Fischer
DATEINAME Design of compact climbing robots for power plant inspection.pdf

in power plant inspection. The project involved profession-als and experts from the power plant business as well as roboticists. In a first stage the focus was on the design of a single agent, the MagneBike inspection robot (Figure 1), that can climb and localize itself in complex 3D structures. The operator is assisted with low-level control MagneBike: Compact Magnetic Wheeled Robot …

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