Air Gear, Volume 24.pdf

Air Gear, Volume 24 PDF

CHANGE IS COMINGThe virtual battle rages on, as Ikki and Team Kogarasumaru try to catch a special balloon floating through a fantastical computer-generated arena before their opponents. At stake is not only a priceless opportunity to compete in the Gram Scale Tournament, but the ability to show just how far theyve come from their humble roots. And after the battle, a very surprising guest appears….This volume of Air Gear includes special extras after the story!



ISBN 9781612620299
AUTOR Oh!great
DATEINAME Air Gear, Volume 24.pdf

8 Nov 2010 ... 2nd episode to depict Kogarasumaru/Sleeping Forest battle from 24th/25th volumes. For the digital version, starting with volume 3, the later volumes are either missing pages or the pages are cropped to the point of being unreadable. They should ... Meanwhile, Team Trident is plunged into a bloody battle as mysterious invaders descend upon Osaka! This volume of Air Gear includes special extras after the ...

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